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  • Pastor Nancy Switzler

Final Post on "How to Lead When you Don't Know Where you Are Going."

Dear Friends,

Thank you for reading my thoughts as they relate to the book, “How to Lead…” I am hoping that

you are thinking about your own stories of faith and your collective stories of the life and

history of American Lutheran Church. I want to encourage all of us to share these valuable

stories with one another.

The final chapters of this book address clarifying purpose, and then engaging with the culture.

The stories we share with one another are instrumental in helping us to better understand who

we are, and what we value. I remember the old advice…your actions speak volumes about what

you value.

What do your own actions show that you value? Is there anything you want to change? Lent is a

good time to contemplate these things.

When we think about our actions as indicative of our values, we are better able to understand

who we are…and when we understand who we are, we are better able to engage with a

changing culture. When we understand who we are at the core, we are better able to discern

what God may be calling us to do and not do.

It’s not always easy work but it is immensely valuable.

Peace in Christ,

Pastor Nancy

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