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Tending to the Soul of the Institution

Dear Friends,

The chapter I am exploring for the next couple weeks is titled, “Tending to the Soul of the Institution.” This is my favorite chapter of the book…and it is also the most difficult to grasp. I guess I like difficulty!

To tend to the soul, especially in times of transition, requires that we first discern and answer the question: what is the soul of American Lutheran Church?

I have some ideas, but the answer to this question lies with you all. Here is a definition provided by the author:

The soul is an agent of the divine spark in the institution. The soul is the authentic and truest self of the institution; the source of its divine calling, character, and destiny; the protector of institutional integrity.

What is the soul of American Lutheran Church? What first comes to mind? As you think about this, here are a few things that are related to, but not, the soul of the church:

  • The soul is not the collective leadership voice

  • The soul is not a Holy Spirit movement

  • The soul is not organizational culture

  • The soul is not spirituality

So what is it? What is the divine spark, calling, character, and destiny of our congregation?

I invite you to pray about this question. And then please share your thoughts with me.

Peace in Christ,

Pastor Nancy

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