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The Spirituality of Money

Money is activating. Like super emotionally activating.

I just wrote that in a text to someone trying to get their finances and credit organized to make some big adulting decisions.

Man oh man,

money triggers all kinds of emotional responses from us.

So, here’s a spiritual reflection for you: What messages did you receive about money when you were growing up? What were you taught about money? Why is talking about money so difficult for others? For you? How does money color the lens you see yourself through?

Jesus teaches us that you can’t worship money and God.

But notice he doesn’t say, so have nothing to do with money. Jesus knows better. So often when we swear something off (substances, relationships, resources) we don’t seem to realize that our total rejection of it means we are still deeply connected and emotionally dependent on it.

Swearing off money just means you’re still emotionally attached.

Money isn’t in and of itself bad. Or even good. Rather, it’s our relationship to money that matters. Jesus actually relies on all kinds of people with money throughout his life and ministry.

Which of course means, Jesus asked people for money and enough money so his life and ministry could be sustained.

How comfortable are you asking people for enough money so that your life and your ministries can be sustained?

It also means Jesus invited people with more than enough to do something with their more than enough money.

How comfortable are you, if you have more than enough, giving it to others to make sure their lives are sustainable?

And if these questions are super triggering for you…yup, join the club. You’re not alone.

And if money does impact how you view yourself, let me end this reflection by holding up a mirror: you and your worth as a human being and child of God is not dependent on how much you make or how much you have nor is it dependent on how productive you are. You are whole. You are good. You are loved.
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